Terms for publishing

1. In accordance with art. 42 second sentence of Law no. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights, to conclude a publishing contract regarding works used in the media the written form is not mandatory. Therefore, the acceptance by the editorial board of the material submitted for publication implies the valid conclusion of the publishing contract.

2. The publishing contract contains the following main clauses:
a) The Author ceases to C.H. Beck Publishing House exclusive rights to reproduce and disseminate the Work throughout Romania.
b) The Author ceases to C.H. Beck Publishing House non-exclusive rights to partially or fully record the Work with image, sound or data recording means, to record the Work in data banks, to copy, distribute and online play (trough cable or radio);
c) The concession period coincides with the length of the right.

3. The papers submitted for publication must be written on the computer and will be sent to the following e-mail address: cj@beck.ro

4. Articles will be written and divided into paragraphs (each with a subtitle), according to the editorial style of the C.H. Beck Publishing House. The footnotes must follow the quotation rules. Articles will include, necessarily, an introductory summary, which reflects the basic ideas of the material, written in Romanian, English and French. At the request of the editor, the author is required to make the necessary corrections.

5. The articles that are published reflect the personal views of the authors who assume full responsibility for their content. The Publishing House assumes no responsibility regarding the content of the material published in this journal.

6. The authors are asked to indicate their full name, occupation, educational or scientific title, workplace, postal and electronic address (e-mail), contact phone number.

7.  In the printed version we publish only papers written in romanian. In the online version of the Journal we also accept english written papers. 

This article is also available in: Romanian

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