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This website has as purpose to inform its readers by publishing practical and complex articles.
Nevertheless the information that can be found in the content of the website www.cureriuljudiciar.ro or any other product promoted and composed by the Judicial Courier journal is not to be considered as judicial advising activity. The journal is not to be held responsible in any way for any damage caused by the use of the information we publish. The articles published are a personal point of view of their authors who assume responsibility for the content.

Terms and conditions for accessing the Judicial Courier site
Please read the following document carefully. By accessing the website of the Judicial Courier Journal at https://www.curieruljudiciar.ro you are held responsible in respect to the terms and conditions you have agreed to above.
If you do not agree with the present terms and conditions, please leave the website and restrain from further access. Any subsequent access of the website will be considered as an agreement to the terms and conditions mentioned above.
This terms date from May 25, 2010.

1. Intellectual property protection
The content and the design of this website as well as any other material related to it which we send you by email or any other way is strictly the property of C.H. Beck publishing house and are protected by the intellectual property legislation. The use, transmission or reproduction of its content without the written approval of C.H. Beck publishing house is strictly forbidden.
Furthermore, you agree that by publishing a comment or any other kind of communication on the Judicial Courier journal website, you give C.H. Beck publishing house and unexclusive author right to the publication, republication, distribution or any other form of public communication of the material on the website as well as throughout the products of the Judicial Courier journal as long as the author rights are under our property.

2. Judicial Courier content use
You are allowed to copy and print the content of the website strictly for your personal use without any commercial intention. With this exception the content of this website can not be reproduced, modified and exploited irrespective of the commercial or non-commercial purpose.
The following are not allowed without the preliminary approval of the publishing house:
a) reproducing or storing the content of the Judicial Courier site and sending it to other website, server or any other storage media;
b) modifying, publishing, transmitting and participating in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials produced by the reproduction, modification or displaying Judicial Courier site content;
c) removing copyright signs belonging to the C.H. Beck publishing house on Judicial Courier site content.
Any use of the content of this website for any other purpose than the ones allowed by this document is strictly forbidden. Requests to use the Judicial Courier website content for purposes other than those allowed by this document may be sent to the following email address: cj@beck.ro.

3. Website content modification
C.H. Beck publishing house reserves the right of suspending, modifying, adding or deleting at any time parts of the content of the present website.

4. Registration, passwords and responsibilities
Accessing some of the information and service provided by our website requires a password. We advise you not to share this password with anyone. C.H. Beck publishing house will never ask for your password by unsolicited messages or phone calls. Moreover, if possible, you should remember to log off form you account after using it. We also advise you to shut down the browsing window after you finished you search.
Unfortunately, no internet information provider is 100% guaranteed. Therefore, despite our best efforts to protect your personal information, C.H. Beck publishing house can not assure or guarantee the secrecy of the information we provide you with or you provide us.

5. Confidentiality Agreement
The personal information which you share with the Judicial Courier website will only be used according to the terms shown in this section.
Although efforts are being made to ensure the high quality and precision of the articles published on the website, C.H. Beck publishing house can not guarantee in any way the content of the Judicial Courier website or any other products or services provided under the Judicial Courier journal. C.H. Beck publishing house does not assume responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly, for any profit loss caused, directly or indirectly, by the use or interruption of use of the information or service provided by this website, including, but not being limited at the damages caused by business interruptions or any other pecuniary losses.
Judicial courier does not guarantee the accuracy or current site information or the services provided, nor ensures that computer systems or programs used to display or transmit the information on the website or in any other way do not contain viruses or other destructive code or other destructive properties.
At the request of C.H. Beck publishing house, you agree to exempt from liability the publishing house for taking any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover legal costs and any other expenses that may arise due to your breach of the terms of this document.

7. Force majeure
Judicial Courier can not be held responsible for any delay or error in the content provided, resulting directly or indirectly from causes which do not depend on the Journal’s actions. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: technical malfunctions of equipment, lack of a functioning internet connection, no telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the Judicial Courier systems, operating errors, strikes etc.

8. Miscellaneous
Changing the terms of this Agreement. Judicial Courier is entitled, without notice and without the fulfilment of other formalities to change the terms of this Agreement. When these terms will be changed, however, the Judicial Courier will notify you via email. Accessing to the site after the notification of this change means that you have agreed to the new terms.
Advertising and content provided by other parties. Parts of the content of the Judicial Courier website may be provided by third parties with whom the Judicial Courier is under contract to supply content. Also the Judicial Courier website may include a advertising section that will display ads from third parties. The Judicial Courier is not responsible in any way for the content provided by third parties, whether or not this is advertising. Also, Judicial Courier is not responsible for the content of pages that refer to the Judicial Courier.
Notices. Any notice must be sent by the Judicial Courier in writing via e-mail or fax to the address in the contact section.

9. The law governing the agreement
The rights and obligations of the Parties under this Agreement and all legal effects which it produces shall be interpreted and governed by the Romanian law in force. Any dispute which concerns this agreement will be inferred to be solved by the Romanian courts.

 Thank you
Judicial Courier Team

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