Gheorghe Florea, Ph.D. in Law, Lawyer, President of The National Association of the Romanian Bars

“The «Judicial Courier » Journal, heir of the former journal with the same name, well-known during the interwar period, is and will certainly become a  necessary instrument for practitioners due to the indisputable usefulness of the articles which are focused on the practical side and inspired by case law. The new format of the journal mirrors the legislative and jurisprudential dynamics, divided in categories according to the expertise area. Lawyers feel encouraged to get involved in the debate of fundamental judicial subjects, with theoretical or practical nature, which already exist or are most likely to appear, through the “Judicial Courier” Jorunal. There is a need for dialog between the doctrinaires and  the practitioners which can be facilitated with the help of a traditional courier but always modern, the “Judicial Courier” journal!”


 Cristiana Irinel Stoica, Ph. D in Law, Founding partner of STOICA & Asociaţii

“The « Judicial Courier » is one of the publications which has positioned  itself in the top due to the professional approach of its authors of high-interest current domains related to law such as business law, private or public law. Also, the comments on legislative topicality or the activity of European institutions are extremely useful. I believe that every jurist should have an issue of this publication in his library”. 


 Doru Boştină, Managing Partner BOŞTINĂ & Asociaţii

“The “Judicial Courier” is a remarkable presence among the Romanian publications because of the seriousness with which it assumed the very difficult task of bringing the newest and most important events in the domain to the attention. Even if it is law or case law that we are reffering to, the debate risen on the subject is of very high professionalism. The “Judicial Courier” Journal is as useful for jurists who have practiced law for many years but also for non-specialists who wish to have a better understanding of it”.


 Cornel Popa, Partner ŢUCA ZBÂRCEA & Asociaţii

“The “Judicial Courier” Journal  is one of the publications that I study intensely and with a lot of pleasure monthly, it is a useful source of information for all types of jurists due to the fact that is presents legislative updates of interest but also for the accuracy and the quality of the articles signed by remarkable practitioners  in the field of law”.


  Andrei Săvescu, iLwT, Content Coordinator Juridice.ro

“The « Judicial Courier » Journal  is one of the most coherent publications in the field. It has a strong profile, it offers the reader updated information with great accuracy. In other words, it is a judicial journal that stands as landmark in regard to topicality”.

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