Curierul Judiciar Journal

“Judicial Courier” journal was founded on the 4th of May 1892.

In 2002 publishing of the journal was resumed, 2010 being the 8th year of issue at C.H Beck publishing house, giving jurists –magistrates, lawyers, notaries or judicial advisers- updated information in all fields  related to law, studies and case law commentaries, jurisprudence and legislative news.

Since 2002 the journal has had a monthly issue, trying to offer practical information in the fields of law.

Starting with its first issue, we have had the honor of collaborating with well-known specialists which has helped us to become one of the most important publications in the domain in Romania.

The “ Judicial Courier“ journal has established as its main purpose finding the means of satisfying  the need of information of jurists in all the fields related to law, to offer opinions and solutions to crucial and controversial  problems but especially to offer practical, palpable subjects which can be encountered daily.

Starting with 2007 we have had a partnership with the National Bar Association in Romania thus being associated with one of the most important lawyers unions in the country.

The 10th issue of 2008 marked the beginning of a new stage of our journal with a change of format, structure and even approach of the articles we publish in order to achieve our self-imposed purpose: practical information.

With the release of the legislative database, “Judicial Courier” journal has managed to achieve another requirement in order to adapt to the needs of the market by providing an on-line subscription which offers instant access to the content of the journal.

Because every year we have grown and developed due to the contribution of our readers, this year we bring something new to your attention, the new website of the “Judicial Courier” journal in a new, modern, upgraded format.

Our journal also extends its collaborating team by involving some of the most prestigious law firms in Romania.

This article is also available in: Romanian

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