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About CH Beck Publishing House

Ch Beck Publishing House has as main activity publishing books in the judicial and economic area. The publishing house became a well-known figure on the market since 1998 and starting with 2006 it took over the name of its European partner C.H Beck thus becoming an independent company with most financial capital of german origin.

The company became part of the CH Beck trust, one of the oldest and the most representative in Europe founded in 1763. At the moment the group is composed out of different companies form Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Polland and Romania. During the 12 years of activity, CH Beck publishing house has managed to achieve a turnover which positions it among the top publishing houses in Romani by publishing over 1.150 titles in the judicial and economic domain with a circulation(draft) around 2.600.000 copies.

Our products-books, journals and electronic publications – have a distribution in over 200 bookstores and shopping points all over the country. The publishing house manages 7 bookstores in the country (two in Bucharest and 5 more in Baia Mare, Craiova, Satu Mare, Timişoara and Târgu-Mureş).

The period of transition and reorganisation on all levels that Romania has encountered the past couple of years is mirrored in the judicial literature on the market. There is good representation of theoretical studies – university courses and treaties – which are of great importance because they remodel the entire judicial system. The development of practical literature, applied, is the next and expected step and due to the experience of its European partners, CH Beck publishing house has created a strategy of development for the next years which has as main objective to creat a variety of products on the market specially designed for our practitioners.

The « Judicial Courier » journal has been published by CH Beck publishing house since 2002.

About Legalis is the first online database in the judicial field which offers its users the possibilty to acces updated legislation whenever you need it.
The program includes the entire updated legislation ,case-law of the Romanian courts but also CEDO and CJCE case-law.Legalis. ro offers you instant acces to the well-known doctrinary studies publshied by CH. Beck where you will be able to find renowned authors and useful updates.

The online library helps you find relevant information which you didn’t intend of searching when you started. All the needed information is very accessible with the help of the content application ,interlinking is found on every page .The novelty this program brings is the fact that you can access it online this enjoy the advantages of the internet:ccess everywhere and at any tme, real useful updates, multiple users, space economy and not worrying about trying to update the information yourself which you would to offline.

Using you have acces to the Judicial Courier Journal online which can be found in the Journal category. The journal is updated monthly simultaneously with the printed version. Also, you can acces the Bibliography which is configured as a compendium of references of the articles which have been published in 12 different of our journals amongst you cand find the Judicial Courier (2002-2010) and it contains the title, the number and the date of the issue but also the title of the article, the author,linked legislation and actual position of the article in the issue.

About UNBR

UNBR is today the highest national lawyer Association in Romania, being composed out of all the lawyer bars in the country.

To be able to practice the profession of lawyer it is required to be a member of a bar which is part of the National Lawyer Bar Union. In every county in Romania and in the capital of Bucharest there is only one bar which is a member of the UNBR which is formed and functions according to the Law no. 51/1995.

The National Bar Association provides qualified exercise of the right of defense, competence and professional discipline,protects the dignity and honor of its members. The collaboration between the National Bar Association and the “Judicial Courier” began in 2007 and continues today, encouraging lawyers to engage in the debate of legal issues of fundamental theoretical and practical, present and future through this journal.

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